eCommerce Solutions

The Podium eCommerce Solution has been developed over the past two years and provides an online purchasing platform with a whole host of features essential for the smooth running of an eCommerce shop. Built from the ground up using the Microsoft .Net framework, our eCommerce Solution combines the better features of our competitors solutions into one platform.

With features like in built opt in eMail marketing and optimised search engine performance, our eCommerce Solution instantly gives our client's an advantage over their competitors.

Web Design with a Proven Track Record

E-CR has a proven track record of producing web design projects with high conversion rates and has a portfolio of web design client's including the NHS and Capital One. Choosing us for web design, your company will be safe in the knowledge of knowing that its website will be of the highest quality with a design that increases sales.
For more information on our bespoke web design services, visit our web design page.

More details of our eCommerce Solution are available on our eCommerce Solution page.

ecommerce solutions

All new for 2016

We have been instrumental in the GIS industry by helping drive the adoption of open standards. Acknowledged as experts in the field of GML/XML, we have been actively participating in the initiatives of organisations such as the OGC, helping define open standards and encourage the adoption of generic technology to support interoperability across national and international borders.

E-CR brings Creative Review to life. Now, in addition to being able to read about the latest great commercials, music videos and motion graphics, you can watch them too.

Choose from a Full Service eBusiness Solution or Individual Tailored Services
Flexibility is paramount when providing such a wide range of complimentary services, we realise some of our client's want a tailored made full eBusiness solution that provides every aspect of creating and running a successful online company, from domain registration, web design, eCommerce solution, website hosting and internet marketing, and other client's only require one or two tailored services. That is why every service available from E-CR can be taken individually or as part of a package.

Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is normally the starting point of all online business creation projects. Choosing the right domain name for your web site is critical. Your domain name will also provide your company with an eMail facility, allowing every member of staff to have their own company eMail address.

At E-CR we can register a domain for your company at extremely competitive prices and provide highly reliable mail servers for maximum performance. Our domain name registration service will allow you to create as many individual staff eMail accounts as desired and selected persons to have access to every eMail sent and received.

For more information visit our domain name registration page.

Domain registrants should be aware of two current scams which attempt to transfer your domain name away to another registrar. The notices look like official invoices from a current supplier.